About the blogger

I developed creative skills naturally due to my Mother and Father as they are both artistically inclined. As a kid, I drew and painted still life and was always extremely interested in Art.  In fact, I had her art work showcased a few times in Art exhibits. However, I developed another love in addition to Art as a child and that was makeup. Every Summer and holiday break I would visit her grandmother Doe where I became a little Diva. Playing in lipstick and eye shadow was exciting and fun to me. At the Age of 17, I did hair every day after school and makeup for others on occasions. Makeup artistry became the career she desired.

Ok Okaaaaay, lets skip to adulthood... I began to study and research just about everything there is to know regarding beauty. There were countless nights where she stayed up reading makeup books and practicing the art of Makeup. I am very proud to say I had a very fun, thrilling and successful career in the beauty industry. 

As a former PRO Make-up Artist, and former Prestige Manager at Ulta I have a extensive knowedge of almost all things BEAUTY. I'm not going to just let this knowledge go to waste... why would I do that? So, of coarse this is where my beauty blog comes into play. “I don't believe make-up defines you, however, I do believe just a touch of it will boost your confidence and have you feeling a certain sense of SEXY.  We all know that when you looking fabulous you feel fabulous!”  So with that being said... Read and ENJOY!!!!

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