Karity: Quality shouldn't break the bank

May 01, 2017

If my eyelids could talk they would be saying "Hallelujah"! Thanks to Karity's 21 shadow in matte I've been getting my LIFE daily! They are all so rich in pigment and blend effortlessly.  But wait, the Karity palette was only $28.00; shocking right? 

 After a trip to a beauty counter at the local mall, Karity's creator was frustrated by the extremely high price point on a good quality eye pencil his wife had requested. This is how Karity was born.

Look how pigmented the shadows are! 

Had fun with this look!

More awesome information about Karity

Karity = Cruelty Free 
Karity is proud to be part of PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies" program,  

Vegan Status (No Animal Ingredients or Byproducts)
Although their entire line is not vegan many of the products are, please have a look at each product you are interested in, if that specific product is vegan you will see the vegan logo next to it.

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