February 12, 2017

Duh, when you wash your hair you just simply use warm/hot water right? Mmmmn... It depends.

Using Hot water: Hot water opens your pores in the hair root, which of course makes it easier to remove the oil and dirt from the scalp. Oily scalp=Hot water! But sadly it can leave your hair excessively porous. If the hair is too porous, then there are chances that the hair will become dry and brittle. Now although the hot water will clean the hair roots thoroughly, it will also rip off the oil from the hair roots. 

But wait... 

Using Cold water: By washing hair with cold water, your color won't fade and your leave-in conditioner (Co-Washing) will actually be left in, which means smoother hair. Plus, the hair cuticles will be closed, which will reduce the accumulation of the dirt and sweat in the scalp. Thereby the damage to the hair will also be reduced. It will make the hair smooth and shiny. Cold water will also improve the blood circulation to the scalp: Blood circulates faster when your scalp is cold.

How do I wash my hair? Well, I just use warm water, almost cool and every now and then I use HOT water to get rid of product build up. I've noticed that the conditioner is most effective when I wash with warm/cool water. 

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