My new BLUSH got me Blushing!

June 05, 2014

As a makeup artist I have tons of blushes for my clients but as for me I only like two on my complexion.  Its kinda weird because I will wear any color lipstick, and any color eyeshadow but won't really delve into different blushes. 

I said all of that to say... honey I got a new blush that definitely got me blushing I am freaking in love with it!!!

It's Pierre Hardy x NARS High Voltage Blush - Rotonde

It's more of a Spring/Summer blush but I can definitely see myself wearing it all year around.  It's a gorgeous Peachy/Orangey color. More Orange then peach tho! A little goes a super long way… just the slightest touch of a blush brush is all you need. If you are a makeup junkie like me than you know NARS has some of the best blushes. Nars blushes last forever... No joke!

The pics below is me wearing the NARS Pierre Hardy Blush in Rotonde

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