Q & A: Eyeshadow Primer

March 19, 2014

Here is a question from one of readers...
Q: What is eye shadow primer? Do I really NEED it? 
A: YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! If you prime your wall before you paint it a gorgeous color, your desired look will be true to color and last a long time. I know, I know you are probably saying "Monica, what does this have to do with beauty?" lol Well, the same concept goes for your eyes. As a result of priming your eyes first before applying eyeshadow, your flawless look will last longer and prevent creasing. A good primer will stop your natural oils in your skin from mixing with your eyeshadow. 
There are 3 shadow primers that are the BEST in the world of make-up...

This primer has most MakeUp Artist and make-up addicts panties in a bunch because its an awesome product. This what I currently use at the moment and honey I love it!! Highly recommend it.

Two faced shadow Insurance
This is another great primer that is loved by many. It does the job! 

NYX eyeshadow base
This primer is less expensive yet very effective. This base is great for giving your eye shadow a more vibrant look but I find that it does not stop any natural oil like the Primer potion and Too faced. 
The pictures below show are me using Urban Decay Primer Potion and NYX eyeshadow base on one of my clients

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