Product Review: Red Carpet Gel system

November 26, 2013

Ok yall, I finally tried the red carpet professional LED light and product line.
To be very honest it seems like a really nice product line but it is just way too many steps for my comfort... (Rolls Eyes)
1. Prep: First you have to use  the prep which had rates the nail plate for maximum product adhesion.
2. Structure: Next you have to use the base coat gel which bonds the nail plate without any damage securing the color. After that you have to put your nails under the LED light for 30 seconds.
3. Apply nail polish or LED polish
4. Put nails under LED light for 2 minutes .
5. Last but not least you have two white paint your nails with here teens which will make the gel non sticky
Ugh! Too many steps but I must admit I love the outcome. If this polish last 2 weeks or more then it is definitely worth it!

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