November 13, 2013

Lately a lot of people ask me how can they contour their face? Everyone body wants to do it nowadays thanks to Kim Kardashian. And honey I like to contour my face from time to time So I totally understand.  All face shapes are beautiful and unique in their own right, but artists such as myself, try to give the illusion of a more oval face or more defined bone structure by creating shadows. 
When you start contouring you have to choose an eye shadow, foundation, or bronzer that's about one shade darker than your complexion and grab an angled brush.

Allure explains face shapes the best...

Square: Women with square face shapes have a very prominent jaw. To soften this area, create a shadow by applying a contouring shade along the jawline, then blending upward. You also want to apply the darker hue at the temples.

Round: Rounder face shapes have a youthful appearance. Achieve more definition in your cheek area by brushing a contouring color along the jawline from the ears to the corners of lips. Make sure to blend upward and inward with soft brush strokes. #1,#2

Oblong: To detract from a long face, apply a darker shade of foundation around the chin and hairline. Once your brush is devoid of color, use light, sweeping motions toward the middle of the face to diffuse the shading. #1

When I contour I like to use foundation or creams as it is much softer and easier to blend for a more natural look. 

Well as always I hope this helps! 

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