What is Co-Washing???

July 10, 2013

Okay y'all guess what I have done... I have jumped on the bandwagon of co-washing! I absolutely love it! But wait I'm sure some of you don't even know what that is???
Co-washing is conditioner washing... yup it's just cleansing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. This method is perfect for colored, dried damaged, natural, and course hair. I love co-washing because it minimizes color damage, since conditioners don't contain harsh hue-stripping sulfates, and adds the right amount of hydration to strands, cutting down on frizz.

I am currently using Ojon Damage Reverse conditioner to co-wash because I have bleached hair...
This lush, concentrated daily conditioning balm doesn't just sit on the surface. It actually surrounds dry, brittle hair with nourishing lipids including pure Ojon™ oil, nature's golden elixir, Brazilian Buriti Oil and Murumuru Butter. It also helps seal in vital moisture and create the perfect buffer against daily damage. Instantly detangles. 

well as always I hope this helps!!!

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