Natural Hair: Defined Curls

July 10, 2013

Due to my hair being bleached, I decided to go natural!  So I had to figure the best way to define my curles without using a texturerizer.

I must have found the right product because everyone wants to know what I use and where they can get it.

Well honey I use.... Eco styler Olive Oil Gel
Eco Styler Olive Oil Hair Gel is a non-flaking, maximum hold styling gel the was specifically developed for African-American hair but is ideal for all hair types as well as synthetic hair! The same incredible hold as the Krystal Hair Gel but with the additional moisturizing properties of 100% pure olive oil. This hair styling gel offers maximum hold, deep conditions, adds radiant shine, incredible body and volume, and is water based as opposed to alcohol based, which provides moisture to maintain healthy hair.

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