Perfect flushed cheeks: BLUSH

May 08, 2013

Yall already know I love me some BLUSH!!!! Blush completes the whole look! However finding the right shade of blush can be a bit hard for some. So I want you to use these helpful tips to match your best shade of blush.

Dark Skin
Your blush should be rich, visible and pigmented to have an impact. But lots not get carried away or you will look like a clown. Stick to Rich browny reds to create that perfect flush. 
Try heartbreak by Smashbox

Fair skin
Your blush should be soft and pastel like. Stay away from the dark browny blushes. Soft pretty pinks is what will grace your cheeks well! Try pinched by NYX

Medium Skin
Your blush can be nice and bright pink and deep pinks. Don’t be scared… it will look very hot and subtle on! Try Custom color blush by Stila in Pink

Olive Skin
Your blush should be peachy and coral with a hint of sheer shine to give the cheeks a golden glow. Light pastel picks will just fade and look ashy on you! Try Exposed by Lorac

Well as always, I hope this helps!

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