Translucent powder

April 01, 2013

April showers bring May flowers. Along with flowers comes the HEAT! Which means you may need to pull out the powder, well translucent powder that is.

A translucent powder is a sheer, silky, colorless facial powder usually used to set makeup. But honey, it can be also used greatly during the tuff hot summer months to control shine and give the complexion a matte finish. Translucent powder is for all skin types. 

You would just simply apply the translucent powder with a large powder brush, brushing powder lightly all over your face.

Revlon has a photo ready translucent powder that I'm loving at the moment but truth be told just about every cosmetic line has a translucent powder. 

Be careful because some translucent powders are very thick and unblendable so it looks like ashy powder instead. So please in the powder WELL and even take a picture to make sure the powder is not visible  Sometimes the camera can see what the eye cant. The pic below is Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman with translucent powder not blended well. There makeup artist should be FIRED!

nicole kidman powder face

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