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April 18, 2013

Hey yall, Here is a question from one of my fresh faced beauties…

QHey Monica!! What can I do to minimize the look of my pores? And what is a good face washing regiment? ie how often should I exfoliate, do facial mask, etc. I have combination skin which on any given day can be more oily or dry depending

A: When it comes to your pores there is a pretty simple answ er for that. Just keep up with your daily skin care routine. I say this because as you get older, oils and skin cells can build up in your pores, causing them to expand. Which brings me to your next question…

A good skin care routine for combination skin includes…   
-Use a cream mild Facial cleanser (If you wear makeup then use a cleanser that can also take off makeup such as the facial cleanser/ makeup remover by Neutrogena Naturals) 

-Use an Oil free, lightweight facial moisturizer ( I use a moisturizer called Dew by DDF

-Exfoliate once a week using a scrub such as the purifying pore scrub by Neutrogena Naturals

I use a different facial cleanser when I have a few breakouts I want to quickly diminish. For that I use the Eccential-C Cleanser by Murad. It has glycolic, and rice amino acid along with vitamin, A, C and E to quickly Zap any bumps. Apply it on DRY face and let it sit for like 3 minutes, and then wash it off. The next day I’m usually happy with my results and then I go back to my regular mild cleanser due to me not being a fan of using a glycolic every day.

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