Must Have Mascara

January 07, 2013

Glamed up lashes is what I like but I'm sorry yall, I am not a big fan of false lashes. A good mascara is important for me. Oh and I love waterproof mascara but, good lord its hard to take it off and I also notice that mascara makes my eyelashes dry and brittle. Soooooo I am super happy to tell yall about a mascara I feel is finally PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

Its called The big Blink, by Purmineral cosmetics
Honey, if my eyelashes could talk they would SING, because my eyelashes never looked or felt soooo good! This mascara is fortified with Argon Oil, which keeps the lashes nourished  It Argon oil also gives a nice dewy sheen to the lashes. Oh and I also love the clump resistant wand. Did I mention is WATERPROOF???

Well as always, I hope this helps

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