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September 17, 2012

Honestly honey, I'm not a big fan of how tomatoes taste but they soon will be in my kitchen at all times. I'm sure you are wondering why??? Well DID YOU KNOW, tomatoes can and is known to diminish blackheads.

When pores become clogged with dirt, dead skin cells, and  your skin's natural oil we would then get a highly unwanted blackhead or pimple.  Tomatoes contain unique acidic properties that work as an perfect exfoliate. Its a beyond great way unclog pores and get rid of blackheads

Health-Guidance to better health gives great methods on how to use the tomato to fight your unwanted acne listed below.

Remedy Method # 1
The first method is as straightforward as it gets: take a tomato, cut it, and rub it on your face where the acne shows. This method isn’t as effective as some others that will be listed but for minor breakouts it could actually be preferred as it does not involve a lengthy amount of application time. All you do it cut the tomato in half, take half to the sink and smear the cut side against your face. Massage the tomato juice into the skin for a few seconds after application, and then you simply rinse it off with warm water.

Remedy Method # 2
A second method called the tomato facial mask is a lengthier process but it works well for even tough cases of acne. Get a tomato and cut an "X" at the top of it. Run the tomato under warm water for a minute or two, then peel the skin (which should come off rather easily after the warm water wash). Gut the tomato of seeds entirely then take the pulp that you have left and mash it up. Turn the pulp into tomato paste and once the paste is sufficiently smooth in consistency, apply as a facial mask over the entire face just as you would apply a cream facial mask. At this point you’ll need about an hour where you can hang about and just leave the mask on your face to harden and work its magic. After the full hour, rinse the mask off thoroughly.

Remedy Method # 3
Yet another way to use tomatoes in the treatment of acne is available for those who don’t feel comfortable leaving pulpy tomato on their face for an hour or for those that don’t like the idea of rubbing half of a tomato across their face. Simply take one tablespoon of tomato juice, mix it up with about three or four drops of lime juice in a small dish, then apply the mixture to your affected areas of acne with a cotton ball. This application needs to set for four or five minutes to be effective as the acidity in lime juice needs a bit more time than commonly featured over-the-counter ingredients like alcohol to dry out your skin but it works just as effectively given the full five minutes. Once the application has set for five minutes, rinse with warm water.

As always I hope this helps :-) Please comment or share!

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  1. Using Tomatoes for acne, are incredibly healthy for skin , not just in vitamins for healthy living, but also in nutrients for your skin, such as calcium, potassium and rich in lycopene. Tomatoes are particularly helpful in acne treatment, also helps to cure and prevent pimples. You can actually apply tomatoes for acne directly to your skin.


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