Beauty Sleep is a MUST!!!!

September 19, 2012

Do you have a decent bed time??? As an Adult, BEDTIME is a thing of the past LOL! As a teen its something most of you may still have. Either way good ol' Beauty sleep is really a MUST!! "The most important item in your makeup bag is a good night of sleep" says the beautiful Tyra Banks

I found a very interesting article that I wanted to share with yall from Dr. Oz Website. Dr. Oz and his team are figuring out the science behind why you need sleep in order to look good. Turns out that people who sleep more, look better. That's because sleep deprivation is a form of stress. And like other stressful conditions like illness, trauma and emotional hardship, sleep deprivation causes your body to make more steroids. And its those steroids that decrease the formation of collagen, the structural layer of our skin. The decreased collagen causes thinning of the skin and wrinkles. It also weakens the barrier function of the skin, allowing toxins to penetrate, and leading to wounds, infections and even skin cancers. As if that's not enough, sleep deprivation contributes to obesity, affecting your health, as well as your appearance.

Soooooo, let me ask you again...Do you have a decent bed time???? I bet you do after reading that!! As always I hope this helps. For more of Dr. Oz great beauty tips check out

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  1. I usually get an 8+ hour sleep at night.. is it enough..???

  2. 8plus is GREAT!!!! Thanks hun, for reading my beauty blog! :-)


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