#3 Concealers that are a MUST HAVE!!!!

September 24, 2012

Dark circles??? Well honey most of us got them, but don't worry I'm about to tell ya what ya can do to quickly conceal it. Here are my TOP 3 concealers I'm loving at the moment.

But WAIT!!! Do you know what Concealer is and HOW to apply it? Lucky you, I blogged about that a while back just click here--------> NO more Dark Circles or Blemishes!

1.) I am NOT a huge fan of Bare Minerals so I am really shocked I am saying this but I am LOVING Bare Minerals "NEW" SPF 20 Correcting Concealers. As of late, it has been my GO-TO concealer. I like that its very creamy and  blendable. The medium to full coverage is GREAT!!! $20 

2.) Another creamy and blendable concealer that I really like is the 24/7 Glide-On Concealer by Urban Decay. It's very clever that a concealer can be in a pencil. Which makes it easy for a on the go teen who needs to quickly touch up her dark circles. $19

3.) Last but not least I told yall before that I love the Flawless perfection concealer by Black Opal and honey I STILL love it!!! This is a  full coverage creme concealer with Vitamins A, C & E that helps hide dark circles without causing caking or creasing. $4.75

Well as always I hope this helps!

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