Loving me some Chuck (Lips with Benefits by Lorac)

August 13, 2012

See the thing is, I'm pretty much a Lip Stick type of chick but lately I've been rocking this Lip Gloss  that's soft, creamy and nude. Its called Chuck and its a part of the "Lips with Benefits" collection by Lorac Cosmetics. Honey, let me tell ya this gloss has been getting most of my attention. Poor lipsticks have not been worn in a week lol!

(Here is 2 pics of Meeeee with Chuck on my lips)

I really like all of the lipGloss from Lorac Cosmetics because they are not STICKY, instead they are nice and smooth. The lips with Benefits collection is infused with natural antioxidants to help nourish and protect lips. It is available in Alex, Josh, Nick, Mark, Chuck, Ben, Andy and Chris. 

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