Liquid Foundation Tips

June 27, 2012

Well, I thought about it and realized I don't blog about liquid foundation much soooooo...... Here is a lil sumthing sumthing for ya!

-It's best to apply foundation 10 min. after a moisturizer. If you don't allow the moisturizer to absorb into the skin, your foundation will wear off in a matter of hours

-ALWAYS use a translucent powder to set the foundation if you have OILY skin. Take your powder compact with you to do touch ups throughout the day.
-For lasting foundation, blot your makeup with oil blotting sheets throughout the day to remove excess oil. 

-Make sure you use your fingers to blend the foundation in near your hair line and jaw bone. Your fingertips are warm and will help melt the foundation into skin for a natural blended look. 

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Spotlight: Beautyblender

June 25, 2012

Ok, so I found somthing really cool! Its called the BeautyBlender. I know you are probaly saying what in the world is this odd shaped pink thingy??? Well it's a sponge applicator! This makeup sponge is designed to create absolute complexion perfection. It gives you amazing coverage and blending capabilities with its easy-to-use shape and suede-like texture.
Use the wide end to blot on makeup and blend effortlessly. Or, work with the pointed end for hard-to-reach spots or delicate areas around the eyes. There's no foundation line or eyeshadow crease that can hide from the beautyblender sponge's super-blending powers.
Oh and I can't forget to mention that Allure gave this pink thingy
its stamp of approval so you know this is hot!

Did you Know?

Quick Beauty Tip!

June 22, 2012

To pool-proof your hair, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your tresses before you jump in, then cleanse with a purifying shampoo post-swim. Thank me later :-)

Did you Know?

Did you know???

June 19, 2012

Nail polish repels water, therefore the chlorine can’t get inside to affect the color. So swim away honey!


Quick Beauty Tip

June 11, 2012

When your nails begin to chip, touch up your tips with a glitter top coat. This will get your nails back fabulous without starting over. My favorite glitter top coat is "Rainbow in the S-Kylie" by Nicole because it's multicolored and can go with any color polish. 

Well that's my Quick Beauty Tip...As always I hope this helps!


Must Have!

June 06, 2012

I have recently been super happy with how soft and moisturizing my skin has been feeling and its all thanks to Ahava!!! Oh I love, love, love this body lotion. The Ahava body lotion protects skin with soothing aloe and richly moisturizing Dead Sea minerals. Oh and it has Witch Hazel extracts that provides a refreshing, revitalizing effect! It also smells really calming! 


Are your nails ready for Summer????

June 04, 2012

Leaving your nails bare and plain this summer is NO FUN honey, so if you cant think of gorgeous color to rock on your nails then don't worry...Moni got you!!!

Try one of these OPI Brights staples
Mod About You, Need Sunglasses?, Gargantuan Green Grape, That's Hot! Pink & A Grape Fit!

These gorgeous colors wont disappoint...thank me later lol!

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