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May 30, 2012

Hey there, If you are a person who only wears clear lip-gloss 
then honey the pics below might be a bit overwhelming lol!
If you need inspiration on how to enhance you lips for fun....
then the pics below will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

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Image courtesy by : Bit Rebels.

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Pretty cool right? I like!!!

Beauty GIVEAWAY Announced!!!!

May 28, 2012

Honey, Honey, Honey...It's about that time!!! Time to see who WON my Beauty GIVEAWAY!!!
First I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my beauties who participated. 
If you are not a winner today don't worry I will do plenty more in the near feature. 
The result for my giveaway was chosen by via Rafflecopter, and I am happy to announce that the winner is...

Vanietra you have 24 hours to contact me via email at to claim your prize. If I do not hear from you, I will be forced to pick another winner. 

Thanks again to all my beauties who participated!

One Year Anni & Beauty GIVE-A-WAY Details

May 11, 2012

Super happy to say............

I’d like to interrupt our regularly scheduled beauty programing for this very special announcement...BEAUTY AS MONI KNOWS IT IS NOW ONE YEAR OLD!!! Wooooooogh Hooooooough!!! Thank you sooo much to everyone who took the time to read, give suggestions, comment and much more!!!! Oh and The BEAUTY Giveaway that I have been telling you all about is HERE!!!!

Are you ready for the details??? I have the fabulous prize here with your name on it. Without further adieu, here is what you can win:

BeautyAsMoniKnowIt Beauty Givaway: $62.00 Value

Stilla Self Adjusting Pink Blush $20
Why settle for "almost the right shade" of blush? This perceptive one-shade-fits-all powder blush reacts with your skin's pH to create a one-of-a-kind, customized shade perfect for you

Stilla sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner $22
color-rich, vibrant, easy-to-use waterproof eye liners infused with twinkling multi-pearl micro-glitter that stays on all day and night

Stilla jewel eye shadow : Blue Sapphire $20
The perfect blend of pigment, binder and pearl delivers a weightless feel on the eye, leaving lids glamorous and glittering
Q: So, how do I win?

A: FIRST you have to "LIKE" my facebook page  If you have already liked my page then honey you already ahead of the game lol!
SECONDLY, on the right side of my blog you will see an option to subscribe to my blog via EMAIL. It's easy you just type in your email address and click on submit.
THIRD, To make things easier you have to comment on THIS post and tell me your favorite post from this blog. In the comment mention that you are my subscriber and also mention that you are a FAN on my fb page. I will announce the winners via my beauty blog. If you are the winner then all you have to do is send me ur address via email to and I'll ship out the items to you. So again, to be eligible for the giveaway make sure you are a subscriber of both, my blog, my facebook page and comment on this post.

The selection is random and it is not a competition. I WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS ON MONDAY, MAY 28TH. So save the date!!!! :-)

This is my FIRST beauaty giveaway but I will be doing many more!!

Going GLAM while being NAKED

May 10, 2012

I love a great eyeshadow palette and honey the Naked Pallet from Urban Decay is almost the BEST thing ever!! If you are a MakeUp Artist I promise this will be your GO-to Palette for Weddings or for those who just want something simple. The "Naked" pallet has a fabulous array of bendable eye shadows that is perfect for you beauties that don't want to wear much color and just want a neutral look.

(This is a pic of ME wearing Half Baked and Dark Horse from the Naked Pallet)

Nail Swagg

May 08, 2012

Loving my current Nail Swagg
I have on O.P.I Sunbeleivable blue and of coarse I have to top it off with some GLITTER!! :)


Submit you gorgeous nail swagg to so I can share it on here!


Quick Beauty Tip

May 04, 2012

Sorry Burt's Bee's, BABY lips, and Chapstick but I have a quick beauty tip that sure to moisturize chapped lips the natural way. In your palm, mix a drop of honey with a bit of raw sugar. Scrub on lips for 10 seconds. Then wipe away with a warm towel. Honey is a great natural moisturizer while sugar, unlike salt, will exfoliate without drying out your skin.

Well as always I hope this helps...

Wanna Glow or Tan??

May 02, 2012

Its about time to shine and show that gorgeous glow!. Yeah I'm talking about BRONZERS baby!

Q: What is a Bronzer?

A: Some Bronzers is to give the illusion of a sun-kissed natural-looking Tan and some bronzers soul purpose is to enhance your natural golden-glow

So here is a few BRONZERS that I'm completely in love with

First I'm gonna start with a bronzer made by Smashbox called BAKED FUSION SOFT LIGHTS
This bronzer has baked formula that imparts a soft veil of shimmer
 and keeps your skin looking luminous! 

Another Bronzer that is liked alot by me is the Tantalizer by Lorac. It give the perfect combo of both tan and glow! It's a all-in-one compact containing a bronzer in the top compartment and a brush and mirror in the lower compartment.
Good for traveling!
The bronzer from NYX called Confessions of a Tanaholic is the Last but not least fabulous for sure. It will give you the perfect tanned look! Oh and did I mention its VERY affordable!!

Well as always I hope this helps!

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