Nail Swagg a Friday Spotlight

March 02, 2012

Alllllright's that time agian! Time to show off our nail swagg!! As for my nail swagg its looking that same as last week. I like my nail swagg to last for two weeks. However for some of you that is waaaaay too long lol!
I was looking around on facebook and came across this gorgeous NAIL SWAGG posted via OPI
This nail swagg was done by Rachelle Tina Cribb

Now this Nail swagg is by Elizibeth. this is super CUTE!
You can find more cute and unique nails via her blog
Purple is my favorite color so you know I love this NAIL SWAGG from NailOholix
This pretty blue NAIL SWAGG is by a good friend of mine by the name of Ashley G.
Do you have pretty NAIL SWAGG you wanna to give spotlight too? Well please send me a picture to

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