March 30, 2012

As you know, I gotta keep you up on the HOTTEST nail trends. So time to hear all about Caviar Manicure. The inspiration behind the Caviar Manicure™ came about when Charlotte, Ciaté’s Creative Director, was looking to create 3-dimensional nails for a front cover magazine shoot and wanted to develop something feminine, indulgent yet delicately extravagant.

The kit includes tiny, caviar-like pearl beads which can be sprinkled over wet nails to create a three-dimensional manicure, as well as a Ciaté Paint Pot nail varnish in a complementary shade.


Baby Lips VS. Butter Lips

March 27, 2012

The smooth, soft, moist yet not sticky lip game is on!!! Well it's on between Maybelline BABY LIPS and Revlon BUTTER LIPS that is. So of course I'm here to make it a little easier for you the next time you cant decide what should be on you lips FIRST!!!

Out of the two, I'm in love with REVLON, Butter Lips...WHY??? Well, I have to have some type of color on my lips and a Buttery Balm + Shiny Color is ummmnn.... perfect for me! 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.

Shades available:
•Berry Smoothie 050
•Brown Sugar 020
•Candy Apple 035
•Cherry Tart 070
•Cotton Candy 045
•Creamsicle 065
•Creme Brulee 095
•Cupcake 055
•Fig Jam 030
•Gumdrop 060
•Lollipop 075
•Peach Parfait 025
•Pink Truffle 001
•Raspberry Pie 010
•Red Velvet 040
•Strawberry Shortcake 080
•Sugar Frosting 005
•Sugar Plum 085
•Sweet Tart 090
•Tutti Frutti 015

Now, now I'm not saying Maybelline Baby lips are bad...because they are awesome also. If you are not interested in color and just purely want a good, hydrating balm with SPF 20 then Baby Lips is a must have!

Available in 4 flavours:
•Energising Orange (hydrating)
•Menthol (repairing)
•Smoothing Cherry (intense moisture & smoothing)
•Anti-Oxidant Berry (protection)

Well as always I hope this helps!


Quick Beauty Tip

March 19, 2012

Do you want to pluck you eyebrows but just WON"T do it becase it simply HURTS???? Yeah well I feel your pain. Well lets just say I used to because I have a reall good tip that makes plucking of the eyebrows much easier...

Gum Numbing Gel: Yep you reaed it right! Gum numbing gel actually works well to prepare your eyebrows for painful plucking. Rub onto desired area and wait 20 seconds for the gel to take effect. Once numbed, you can Pluck, Pluck and Pluck!!!

Nail Swagg a FRIDAY spotlight

Nail Swagg a FRIDAY Spotlight

March 16, 2012

As you may already know...Friday for my beauty blog means its time to showcase some pretty "nail swagg"!! Today will be a lil different because I'm doing a spotlight on one person. Today its all about "SKELETON NAILS"
Skeleton Nails skills is beyond good. Her designs are really unique and pretty.

Like I said ....Skelton Nails plenty of Nail Swagg for sure!!! To see more of her pretty designs go to her Blog via

Qick Beauty Tip

Quick Beauty Tip

March 14, 2012

As I always say...."Please DON'T go to sleep with you make-up on!!" However if you have sensitive skin or can't really afford a good makeup remover than....Don't worrry I have the perfect solutions for you!
BABY SHAMPOO is a good alternative. Yeah, yeah I know it sounds a bit crazy but shoot this really works. It contains lauric acid, derived from coconut oil, which is non-toxic, making it safe for eye-makeup removal. Simply pour some baby shampoo onto a cotton ball, tissue or wash towel and wipe away your makeup for a clear complexion.
Thank me later :-)

Oily Skin

What Im loving at the Moment: Mario Badescu Skin Care

March 12, 2012

SKIN CARE for me just got even better thanks to Mario Badescu!!! If you have acne or just a few unwanted whiteheads every once in a while then this is a MUST read!!

Word on the street is that Celebrities such as Martha Stewart to P. Diddy, and everyone in between uses Mario Badescu skin care products. I'm soooo mad at the fact that I'm just finding out about it myself. Sooo of course I have to tell you!

Mario Badescu has alot of great products so I'm just gonna tell you about his TOP selling must haves right now.
Drying Lotion
The Drying Lotion is a fast acting, effective
acne spot treatment. Formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and other
quick-drying ingredients, this product will shrink ugly whiteheads virtually
overnight while you sleep. While other acne spot treatments can irritate and dry
delicate or sensitive skin, this product is safe and effective for all skin
types. Before bed, after cleansing, and moisturizing apply a dab
of lotion directly on the whitehead using a cotton swab. Do not rub in. Let it
dry and rinse off in the morning. DO NOT shake the bottle and apply only the
pink sediment on the skin. IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Botanical Facial Gel

This non-soap, non-foaming, gel cleanser is deep cleansing and refreshing for oily skin. Removes make-up, dirt and oil thoroughly without over drying skin. Exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy formula helps prevent build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples. Just use twice daily, massage in a circular motion on wet skin, avoiding eye area. Rinse with tepid water. Pat dry and follow with toner or astringent. I highly recommend this for Oily skin!!!

Buttermilk Moisturizer

Hydrate And Rejuvenate Your Complexion. Lactic Acid is the rejuvenating AHA in this absorbent and soothing daily moisturizer for combination skin. Formulated with non-pore clogging Carnation Oil and Allantoin, an anti-inflammatory, botanical ingredient. After cleansing apply daily all over face.
Mario Badescu has a huge array of great products...Such as serums, night creams, eye creams, and much, much more!!


5 Fragrances For The Spring.

March 05, 2012

Guess what yall, today I have a Guest Blogger by the name of Andrea. I promise you will have 5 reasons to look forward to smelling good for Spring after you read this!
So here is what my Andrea has to say....
Can you smell that? It’s spring coming up again.
Almost time to take out your lighter clothes and put away the warm ones.

Why should perfumes be different? Some fragrances are good for any time of the year, whereas others were made for a just a part of it. So here you have five perfumes for women with spring inside, perfect to accompany the awakening of the senses.

Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs
A delicate floral with subdued green notes, Oh Lola is a happy girl, who won’t laugh loud: you can hear her better if there is not too much noise around. It’s fresh and a bit soapy, with a bouquet that is the essence of spring.

Chloe EdP by Chloe
What would spring be without rose? The one in Chloe Eau de Toilette will mix with peppery fruits without giving up its sensuous headiness. The result is a sexy, young (but not too young), upbeat fragrance with a more than deserved popularity.

Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera
Some frown upon celebrity perfumes, I don’t. Christina Aguilera’s first perfume is simple and honest, with a main note of peach mixed with florals. Being a bit shallow can be liberating sometimes, and this one will give you a hand.

Prada Infusion d’Iris EdT
Sure, spring is about being all light and flirty, but how about fresh and clean, possibly with a touch of class on top? Infusion d’Iris by Prada is all that: a gentle and reassuring fragrance for any occasion. This is the 2010 version, not to be confused with the older Eau de Parfum, with very different notes.

Nina Ricci Premier Jour
With Premier Jour you will smell good, and not only in the sense of pleasant: this floral-fruity fragrance is good at heart and spirit. It’s innocence without naivety, it's the gentle feeling of a crush at first sight. It's the first day.

Keep updated on what could have you smelling great via Andrea Blog yournextperfume

Nail Swagg a FRIDAY spotlight

Nail Swagg a Friday Spotlight

March 02, 2012

Alllllright's that time agian! Time to show off our nail swagg!! As for my nail swagg its looking that same as last week. I like my nail swagg to last for two weeks. However for some of you that is waaaaay too long lol!
I was looking around on facebook and came across this gorgeous NAIL SWAGG posted via OPI
This nail swagg was done by Rachelle Tina Cribb

Now this Nail swagg is by Elizibeth. this is super CUTE!
You can find more cute and unique nails via her blog
Purple is my favorite color so you know I love this NAIL SWAGG from NailOholix
This pretty blue NAIL SWAGG is by a good friend of mine by the name of Ashley G.
Do you have pretty NAIL SWAGG you wanna to give spotlight too? Well please send me a picture to

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