Blue Blue and more Blue!!!!

February 09, 2012

Heeeeey yall...The above pic is me! I used a blue loose pigment from Mikabella cosmetics and a green from Victoria secret "holiday eyes" pallet but this is to show you that for some unknown reason I got blue on my mind...Which is weird because my favorite color is Purple. Well if ya see purple don't tell her I'm doing this post! hahaa If your favorite color is blue this post is for you!!! Here is some great beauty products in.......BLUE!

First I'm gonna start of with O.P.I gorgeous blues
L to R: Blue My Mind, Dating a Royal, Suzi Says Feng Shui, No Room for the Blues.

Milian cosmetics has a really cute and super pigmented baked eyeshadow called
"Blue on my Mind" You can get this from CVS and its really cheap.

Ka'oir Cosmetics has a beautiful blue lipstick that I love

Oh and apparently there are others who have blue on the brain.
Here is Amber Rose rocking a cute blue lip

Alessandra Ambrosio Covers Vogue Nippon Beauty and that blue is sooo pretty!!

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  1. Giiiiirlll You are SO PRETTY!!!!! And this post is AWE-Mazin'!! I am a BLUE Lover!!! I love every nail polish in blue, and am recently new to putting on makeup, I'll have to try this look out.. My fave go to eye shadow color is usually purple or a darker grey shadow.. But this looks so pretty. I'll be doing my nails tomorrow and I'll email you a shot of my mani, I'm new to blogging and have my own nail blog, plz check it out.. and plz follow my blog...

  2. I don't have any blues in OPI and I want these two soooo bad.... Suzi Says Feng Shui, No Room for the Blues. <3 Joanna @ Polished Dezinez Addict


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