Are you ready to spice up your lipstick collection???

February 27, 2012

If you have been paying attention to fashion trends for this up coming season then you will know its all about bold and bright colors. Which means our MakeUp cant be dull and boring... KA'OIR Cosmetics is what Im loving at the moment! Ooooh honey...the lipsticks are gorgeous!!! They come in array of colors that look unique, super bold and electrifying. Yellows, Blues, greens and much more!

Look how pigmented her lipstick is...This pretty orange is OOH La-La

So basically if you are tired of the basic colors lipstick has to offer then try the Ka'oir lipstick...I'm sure they wont disappoint! I will have pics up soon my my Blue Kaoir Doll lipstick...

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