Spotlight: Almay

January 18, 2012

Soooo excited to tell you what I'm in love with right about now.

Let my give you a hint, you can buy it at any drug store, its highly pigmintted, and it's easy on your pockets. Yup, Yup its ALMAY!
If you are not really all that good at make-up well dont you worry cus honey Almay, Intense i-color eyeshadow with light interplay technology has made it pretty easy for ya. This eyeshadow is looong lasting I swear. Rather than matte its more of a silky powdery blend that goes on super smooth.
They have 4 really pretty Trio's that I give 2 O.P.I painted thumbs UP!
Trio for Hazel's
Trio for Browns
Trio for Blues
Trio for GreensHere is a pic of using the Trio for Hazle

Well as always, I hope this helps :-)

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  1. Trio for Hazle is Beautiful on you!!!!!

  2. Thank you for readimg my blog and thanks for the compliment :-)


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