Neutral eyeshadow: My favorite #3

December 14, 2011

This is for all beauties who like to keep it simple and neutral. I'm about to tell ya what I believe to be the best neutral eyeshadow palettes out there.
First I'm going to start of with Urban Decay Naked.
This palette is loved by many including ME! Its pretty pricey as it sells for $48, however it remains to be Urban Decay's best seller!
The next Neutral pallet called Nude on Nude is only $25, and it even comes with 10 lip colors. This is by NYX one of my favs!!!
Lastly here is another fav that I just started using in the beginning of last summer. This is the 28 Color Neutral palette from BH Cosmetics. Its only $18...sweet deal and the colors are not powdery the are pretty pigmented if ya ask me! I LIKE!
Well I hope this helps ya, Please comment below if you have a neutral palette you would like to tell me about!

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  1. Where can I find the last 2 at??


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