Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Fans...I have somthing to tell yooooou

December 27, 2011

Love Hello Kitty? Love Noir cosmetics? Well honey are you sitting down because I'm about to tell you that Sephora has an amazing Hello Kitty beauty line. If you fell out, then sorry for that but I told ya to sit down lol!
Thank God Sephora is pretty much everywhere because the amazing Hello Kitty beauty line is exclusive to them.
The Hello Kitty beauty line ha
s just about everything from nail polish to brush sets.Because its Hello Kitty everything looks super cute!!
A have my eye on a few new items. One of them is the Shimmering Powder and Eyeshadow Palette. Looks like a nice pallet and since it Noir cosmetics I'm sure its pigmented well.
Another new Item that I really want is the Noir 5-Piece Brush Set - Black

Lastly anther Item that looks like a must have is the Hello Kitty Intense Perfume.
This perfume is described to have rich floral accords and a wink of warm vanilla. Oh and a little hint of musk is present in the base notes...Smells I mean sounds lovely!

This post is dedicated to my sister Sweetz, whom LOVES Hello Kitty, and if ya love Hello Kitty then yeah this was for you to honey! The pic below is her and I.
Sweetz is on the right btw.

Inglot Cosmetics

INGLOT extends Lipstick collection with 5 new shades

December 23, 2011

With the New Year approaching, and it looks like Inglot wants you to revamp your look with INGLOTS new lip-popping colors now offered in 5 new shades. With their unique formulation and special ingredients of vitamin E and apricot kernel oil, your lips are guaranteed to feel moisturized and protected. The formulation also allows for an easy and long lasting application, and will notleave your lips feeling sticky. Want to know more about Inglot...Go to YouTube! There are tons of make up artist who are raving about Inglot. Inglot eye shadows are giving Mac and Make Up forever something to get frantic about. So far there are Inglot Boutiques in NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach and New Jersey.....Ugh when will it be one in Washington D.C????? Oh well, I will just order online.
Here is a Video from one of my favorite You Tube MakeUp Gurus
breaking down why INGLOT is awesome!

A lil information about INGLOT from INGLOT: INGLOT Company was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at thattime in R&D department in a pharmaceutical company. His principal objective was to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers. Wojtek Inglotis still directly involved in the formulation and design process of all new Inglot products. All Inglot cosmetics are produced within the European Union and 95% of them are manufactured in our own state of art production facilities. We work with make-up artists and colour consultants to bring the latest trends in colour, texture and form to the market. We are constantly developing new products and have just launched the world’s first ever Breathable Nail Enamel ensuring better health care for nails whilst enhancing their beauty. Our unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and colour combinations of different face products, giving them the opportunity to create their own customized colour palette. We are present in 280 retail locations worldwide.
Well if ya aint know, Now ya do....

VH1 Divas Celebrate Soul

Vh1 True Beauty: Jennifer Hudson

December 20, 2011

Vh1 aired there stunning annual show, Vh1 Divas Celebrate Soul last nigh and Honey, Honey....Jennifer Hudson did her thang last night. She looked stunning from head to toe. She gave good hair and makeup along with 4 different looks.

Jennifer Hudson is posed with Jessie J who also gave
good hair and make up...Looked gorgeous!
This is her Red Carpet look for the Vh1 Celebrates Diva Soul

Missed Jennifer Hudson performance, or just want to see it again?

Well here it is "Night of your Life"

eye shadow

Neutral eyeshadow: My favorite #3

December 14, 2011

This is for all beauties who like to keep it simple and neutral. I'm about to tell ya what I believe to be the best neutral eyeshadow palettes out there.
First I'm going to start of with Urban Decay Naked.
This palette is loved by many including ME! Its pretty pricey as it sells for $48, however it remains to be Urban Decay's best seller!
The next Neutral pallet called Nude on Nude is only $25, and it even comes with 10 lip colors. This is by NYX one of my favs!!!
Lastly here is another fav that I just started using in the beginning of last summer. This is the 28 Color Neutral palette from BH Cosmetics. Its only $18...sweet deal and the colors are not powdery the are pretty pigmented if ya ask me! I LIKE!
Well I hope this helps ya, Please comment below if you have a neutral palette you would like to tell me about!


Did you know???

December 12, 2011

Do you have a pimple or two? Well don't worry jus dab some toothpaste on it....YES, I said toothpaste!

Toothpaste does wonders for your acne because it kills germs meant for teeth. When u put toothpaste on a pimple it drys it out and kills the germs.

Apply the toothpaste on your zit, for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. Or you can leave it on overnight, let a small piece of tissue cover the area you applied toothpaste too before going to sleep. Leaving the toothpaste on overnight seems to be most effective.

Well if ya ain't know, now ya do! As always I good this helps you!


5 Must have nail colors for winter

December 05, 2011

Sad to say but summer is gone honey, so hold off on the neon pink and lime green and get ready for some reds, greys and more. Check my list of must have colors for the winter....

1. First I'll start off with Nicole by OPI Nail Polish in I Love U Cherry Much, $8. You can grab it at http://www.target.com/

2. Topshop Make-Up Nails in Fallen Leaf, $12

3. Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Stormy Weather, $16. www.deborahlippmann.com
4. Chanel Nail Color in Quartz, $25. www.chanel.com

5. OPI nail polish in Lincoln park

Well as always I hope this helps....

BLUSH baby: 4 must have blush

December 02, 2011

If you are a frequent reader of my beauty blog, then you know how I feel about blush.....its a MUST!!!! Blush always gives a gorgeous look. So I'm about to tell ya what I believe to be #4 must have blush.NARS has some great blush colors! Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, NARS Blush provides a healthy glow to flatter any skintone. Oh and I cant forget to mention NARS Blush is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

NYX is a favorite of mine. Its less expensive and does the job. NYX pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours.
When I first begin to be interested in blush, I went straight to Macy and got me some blush by Lancome. To my surprise Lancome did not disappoint...I love it. Color stays true for hours and never looks dry or dull, thanks to moisture-balancing ingredients that keep skin feeling completely comfortable. Oil-free and oil-absorbing.
Avon has what the call smooth mineral blush and I am a fan! It goes on silky and smooth leaving a pretty glow. Its light and highly pigmented. Avon has done good in the blush department if ya ask me!

Well there ya have it, my 4 favorite blush. As always, I hope this helps!

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