What's on your lip?

October 24, 2011

Well first let me start off by saying what I Belive to be a definite rule in the world of beauty....YOUR LIPS SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE SOMTHING ON THEM!

Why?? Some say eyes is the immediate attention getter, but honey lips can be too! We all know dry crusty lips is NOT attractive! LOL!

If you are not into color or glossy lips then plain lips is fine but just at least keep them moisterized with caremax, chapstick, Vasaline or somthing of that kind.

Ok, yall I've already told you what you need for moisterized plain lips, so here is what you might want to go out and get of you want to step your lip game up....Lip pencils, lip stick or/and lip gloss. In my opinion you don't need a lip brush if you are just applying it on your self.

As for me I'm a lipstick type of girl. Lipstick comes in.......

As for clear lipgloss, its simple and very effective. Clear Lipgloss should be a must have for your personal make-up bag! Clear Lipgloss can be worn over Matte lipstick for that added glossy look.

Lip pencils or lip liners as some may call them can be used to define or create the structure of your lips. For those who want to achieve a pouted lip can create one with a liner going slightly out side of your lips. Want smaller lips go slightly inside. If done right a lip liner can be very useful.

Well, as always I hope this helps! Wanna know my favorite cosmetics brands for lips? Stay tuned....

P.S. Yup, that's Meeeeee! Rocking one of my favorite lipstick

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