Liquid Liner (winged eye)

August 23, 2011

Gosh Natasha Poly who stars on one of the six i-D Pre-Fall 2011 covers lensed by Willy Vanderperre is rocking a cute winged eye. Do you want the PERFECT eyeliner then if you ask me ditch the pencil and go liquid honey! Liquid liner is better because it goes on ultra smooth and looks much neater. It also makes a winged eye more achievable!

Oh and make sure you get water-proof liquid we all know drooling eyes is not cute!

Personally I love Avon liquid liner but M.A.C. has what the call fluidline which is also good. Urban Decay has what they call 24/7 liquid liner that is simply everlasting! Or you can just go to your local drug store and get covergirl, Almay, or maybelline liquid liners because they are all awesome as well!

Well as always I hope this helps :)

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