no more DARK circles!

June 27, 2011

Did you accidentally burn your forehead with the curling iron? Do you have Dark circles, blemishes, marks or scars? Honey it ain't no big thing....just CONCEAL it!

In my opinion a good concealer should have the consistency of lipstick (thick and creamy) WHY? Well it will adhere to the skin and won't move once you add liquid foundation over top. Giving your look more staying power! But you really need concealer? if your blemishes/ dark circles are NOT that dark a really good foundation can do the trick. I'll let you be the judge of that

If you are going to apply concealer and foundation make sure your concealer is one shade lighter. If you are going to conceal and have no plans to use foundation over top then your concealer should be true to your color. My favorite concealer is made by Black Opal called the flawless perfecting concealer. It comes in a little tube and rolls out just like lipstick. I love, Love, Love it!!!

Well as always hope this helps...please comment and share your favorite concealer.

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