The beauty benifits of CUCUMBER

June 10, 2011

Not only is cucumber yummy and Delicious when I add it in my seafood pasta salad, but did ya know its also a beauty home remedy! Well first of all the most common use for cucumbers is to improve complexion and to rejuvenate the skin. When cucumber is used within a facial mask it has an amazing ability to leave your skin glowing and allow your skin to be much more soft and fabulous looking.

Cucumbers works wonders for those unwanted Dark Circles. Although you may look kinda of crazy with cucumbers on top of your eyes, its really not crazy at all. The abundance of antioxidants and silica within cucumbers can rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth after just 5 or 10 minutes of use. Which will reduce the appearance of dark circle.

Q: Can cucumbers get rid of the bags under my eyes?

A: Due to the large amount of ascorbic acid in cucumbers, when they are placed under the eyes they can decrease water retention and thus reduce puffiness overall which works instantaneously!

I think freckles is simply adorable, however here is a good way to get rid of them....When grated cucumber is used as a tonic and spread all over the face and neck it can reduce the overall appearance of freckles over time.

Did ya have a little too much fun in the sun, causing a terrible sunburn? Cucumbers can also provide benefits in this regard. The cooling effect of cucumbers is a natural and gentle way to soothe your skin and speed up the healing process.

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