Does Make-Up expire?

November 14, 2014

Hey Fresh Faced Beauties...

Have you ever dug in your make-up bag and found some lip Gloss/lipstick you forgot all about, used it and as a result your lips begin to swell or feel tingly? Honey, believe it or not Make-Up does EXPIRE!

The expiration time starts from the time it is opened.

Foundation: 1 year

Powders and shadows: 2 years

Cream shadows: 12 to 18 months

Lipstick, Lip Gloss & lip liner: 2 year

Liquid Mascara & eyeliners: 3 months

Eye & Lip pencils: 3-5 years

Nail Polish: 1 year

Nail Polish remover: Last forever

Shampoo: 2 to 3 years

Facial moisturizer: 12 Months
Concealer: 1 year

Blush/Bronzer: 18 Months

Hairstyling products: 3-5 years

Anti aging & Acne treatment: 3 months to a year. If it changes color then discard!

If the expiration date is not displayed then call the products customer service number.

Make-Up can harbor harmful bacteria that can lead to infections if you don't pay attention to expiration dates. It can also be harmful if you share your cosmetics with friends. So you might want to think twice before you allow your friend to use your make-up.

If your cosmetic product has a slight odor then leave it alone!!! You also want to be careful of where you buy your cosmetic products. Some stores don't have a lot of customers and as a result the owners don't replace products not knowing cosmetics expire. I went to a unpopular little dollar store and purchased some clear Lip gloss. After applying it to my lips, my lips got a rash all over them. (TMI, I know lol) I say all that to say stick with stores who have keep fresh stock of cosmetics or specialize in them. Places such as, CVS, or any drug store, Ulta, Sephora...and well you get the idea.

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  1. ive got nail laquers over ten years and paint :-)


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