all you need is THREE

May 18, 2011

Ok ladies, I know that its kinda hard to put on a full face of make-up when its time for work, grocery store, or wherever. As a result we start doing what I call occasional make-up (birthdays, Dates, Clubbing, special events). DON'T GIVE UP LADIES....because I have a solution that is quick and easy.

Its just THREE simple things that will give you enhance your beauty and it really hardly takes no time at all! Ok are ya ready for the 3 things.......Well....

All you need is:



3. EYE liner

I promise you just those three is all you need for a simple enhanced look. Get a little make-up bag and keep those three handy. Sometimes you can be creative and use a pretty purple, or blue eyeliner. You don't always have to use black or brown.

The picture below is of one of my BFF's (Lena), I just simply used blush, tinted lipgloss and eyeliner and just that gave her a gorgeous long did it take...umm less than 2 min.

Well as always, I hope this was helpful and I hope you start your day with 3 beauty enhancing things that takes less then 2 min....

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