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May 27, 2011

Hey Yall!!! I am excited to tell ya that I have a GUEST apprearence on my blog today. My dear friend, will give you her personal experience dealing with Accutan. There is alot of info on Accutan in the wonderful world of the Internet but wouldn't you rather hear about it from some one who is actually using it? I know I would! There are some side effects and my friend will explain how to care for your face during your treatment. Before we get to my friends Breakdown of Accutan....

Q: Ummm Monica, what is Accutan?

A: Accutane is a prescription drug that is most commonly used in the treatment of moderate to severe acne. Accutane is the most effective treatment that exists for solving severe acne problems. Accutane is amazing when it come to clearing up current breakouts, it can also prevent future ones. It has been found to be very effective for helping patients when other medications and methods don't work. Dermatologist usually use the treatment after everything else has failed. Accutane entered the market in 1982 and has since been given to over two million people. For more information go to or

Speaking from experience here is what my friend has to say.......

How to care for your face when you are on accutan
If you struggled through break-outs, acne etc you know how annoying it is to care for your face. You wash and wash (which is bad by the way), and still manage to have those clogged pores. If nothing over the counter works to tame your acne and breakouts, and prescription medications did not work, most likely, your dermatologist will put you on Accutan, a strong medication to help you fight those annoying acne breakouts. Now I won’t be preaching to the choir, because if you are reading this, you probably start using accutan or are about to use accutan or know someone using accutan . So here is the way to care for your face and skin while you are on it (which should be quiet different than when you were not on accutan. For one, you SHOULD NOT use benzyol peroxide product or cleanser with acne fighting ingredients’ since your face will dry out from the medicine and it might be harsh for your face!! And getting rid of your acne will take 5 months when you are on accutan (you may need to do another round of meds if it doesn’t work, but lets hope it does).

Here is how to care for your face
In the morning, wash your face with warm water (NOT HOT), and DO NOT scrub your face…gentle goes a long way since your skin will be too delicate. My friend who was on accutain swears by Cetaphil. But Aveeno makes great cleansers too. Remember not to wash your face for too long, 30 seconds is plenty enough. Remember to buff the dry skin on your lips away (you could also use your toothbrush for this)…..THAT’S IT. Pat your skin dry (DO NOT SCRUB), and put a moisturizer. My girl swears by Aveeno moisturizer and cetaphil makes great one too.

If you need to use makeup, use liquid foundation (since powder will look flaky on your dry skin), remember ,small goes a long way (unless you have a photo shoot coming up). Remember to use makeup without acne medication (since you got accutian for that).
In the evening wash your face the same way (if you have makeup remember to remove that). If you are drying out severely, use heavier moisturizer such as aquaphore so it absorbs over night.

As for your lips. You need good chapstick. Blistix and Carmex are amazing when you are on accutain, as well as Vaseline (look at my post about Vaseline). Of course you may need to use Aquaphor when you go to bed to wake up to a good lips. My friend mixes carmex and Vaseline for the day time, and Aquaphor every other day in the evening. The other days, Vaseline.
Remember, this is a medication that you use for few months so don’t get discouraged when you have a “bad face day” J As usual, you will do your monthly blood tests, you may get tired and have some joint aches and scar easier. One more thing, no waxing for you (I’m sure you know that, but I had to repeat that again). If you are a habitual lip licker (lol I have to call out my friend on that), remember to stop doing that, you will not help but look crazy (her words not mine) lol. And drinking lots and lots of water. Remember, this is temporary so try not to get down every time you look at your skin.

All of the products she mentioned can be purchased at your local Drug store. As always I hope this helps, please let me know how you are doing on accutain and if you have other routines that help.

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