OMG! Can I wear make-up to my Job interview!?!

April 27, 2011

A smoky eye is sexy... tropical eyeshadow is exotic...Super long thick eyelashes are gorgeous, but not appropriate for a JOB INTERVIEW.

Q: so what is appropriate? Q: Do I have to look like a nun? lol don't have to be a plain Jane or look like a nun, after all, it is 2011, however, some of your interviewers might be still stuck in earlier time zone and may have a traditional
I recommend that you play it SAFE! Still, wear makeup but in a toned down neutral way. Such as foundation, light blush, nude or a clear glossed lip. As for your eyes, I suggest a simple dark brown eyeliner or a very soft Matt neutral color eyeshadow.

Every time I see, Monica (No not me, the singer lol) her make-up is FLAWLESS!! I found a good pic of what I think is perfect Job Interview make-up...Monica adds a hint of color and polish to her look while maintaining a natural aesthetic by opting for a neutral and semi-sheer ivory eyeshadow. This look is simple and gorgeous but it is not a distraction and the interviews can focus on your answers.

Once they give ya the OK, "you got the job"...then honey do it up...smokey eye and all lol! I still suggest that once you get the job that you have only one dramatic component...if your eye is dramatic take it easy on your lips...if you lips are bold then do a simple eye just using eyeliner and mascara...Well, that's my two cents...hope this helps!

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  1. I love this topic....Don't get me started on NAILS....comeon' guys, less is more (nails and make up for interview) love love this topic Mon:)

  2. So informative. I love it! Thank you!!


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