April 21, 2011

I think we all love a good quality high pigmented eye Shadow and on top of that, LOW on cost! Well NYX cosmetics are all of the above honey! I paid under $5 for each palette. The eye shadows are again HIGHLY pigmented and blends very easy!

Today I used the NYX AQUAMARINE (Blues & Turqouis) and NYX CERAMIC (greys & silvers) palette...Under the eye shadow I used the NYX white Base (if you dont know what Base is or what it does dont worry I will do a topic on it very soon!) My HighLight color (right under the eyebrow is by MAC called PHLOOF...The pics below are Meeee lol! Please comment below if ya have any questions! Thanks!

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  1. I LOVE NYX shadow & thier base! Best kept secret & you blended really well. Found at the local beauty supply :)

  2. Hello Ladies! First I want to thank you for your comment! @Tiffany...Thanks again! it really is a best kept secret...some NYX eye shadows are a dupe for MAC! hehee @Corliss, Thanks alot!!

  3. Love it and the lip color


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