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OMG! Can I wear make-up to my Job interview!?!

April 27, 2011

A smoky eye is sexy... tropical eyeshadow is exotic...Super long thick eyelashes are gorgeous, but not appropriate for a JOB INTERVIEW.

Q: so what is appropriate? Q: Do I have to look like a nun? lol

No...you don't have to be a plain Jane or look like a nun, after all, it is 2011, however, some of your interviewers might be still stuck in earlier time zone and may have a traditional mindset....so
I recommend that you play it SAFE! Still, wear makeup but in a toned down neutral way. Such as foundation, light blush, nude or a clear glossed lip. As for your eyes, I suggest a simple dark brown eyeliner or a very soft Matt neutral color eyeshadow.

Every time I see, Monica (No not me, the singer lol) her make-up is FLAWLESS!! I found a good pic of what I think is perfect Job Interview make-up...Monica adds a hint of color and polish to her look while maintaining a natural aesthetic by opting for a neutral and semi-sheer ivory eyeshadow. This look is simple and gorgeous but it is not a distraction and the interviews can focus on your answers.

Once they give ya the OK, "you got the job"...then honey do it up...smokey eye and all lol! I still suggest that once you get the job that you have only one dramatic component...if your eye is dramatic take it easy on your lips...if you lips are bold then do a simple eye just using eyeliner and mascara...Well, that's my two cents...hope this helps!

baking soda


April 24, 2011

Hey there...Today and everyday...SMILE!!! After all, its a beauty essential we were born with! A great component of a pretty smile is nice white teeth. So I figured I talk about an affordable way to ensure nice white teeth for a perfect smile!

BAKING SODA: When dissolved in water baking soda whitens (and cleans) teeth by effectively scraping off the yellow and brown stains that form with age and wear. The free radicals from the water dissolved baking soda penetrate the teeth’s enamel and lighten the stains from a yellow or brown to give a much whiter appearance.
You can get toothpaste with baking soda in it. However I just like to dip my tooth brush in pure baking soda for a more effective outcome. A box of baking soda is Less than $2.00. Baking soda is also great for other uses but this is a beauty blog and who wants to hear about how good it cleans toilets LOL!

Here are some other remedies ppl swear by...

Home remedy for teeth whitening is as follows:
mix on small plate the following
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
then add a few drops of white vinegar, which will foam.
Then brush with toothpaste afterwards.

Another Home Remedy:
Use a eye make-up remover pad and put extra virgin olive oil on it.
Then rub on all your visible teeth for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much of a difference you want to make to your teeth. Then brush your teeth with regular toothpaste.

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Drag Make-up

Watch him while he work....

April 23, 2011

Hey there...I wanted to share this video because I think its simply amazing how he (Petrilude) can transform into what he calls Misty Maven. This guy is a Make-Up Guru on YouTube and I find his make-up turtorials to be inspirational! This look in particular is of course nothing I would do on myself because its a bit dramatic but its supposed to be...He was going out in DRAG! but anyhoo, the video is still cool and I loved looking at it!

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April 21, 2011

I think we all love a good quality high pigmented eye Shadow and on top of that, LOW on cost! Well NYX cosmetics are all of the above honey! I paid under $5 for each palette. The eye shadows are again HIGHLY pigmented and blends very easy!

Today I used the NYX AQUAMARINE (Blues & Turqouis) and NYX CERAMIC (greys & silvers) palette...Under the eye shadow I used the NYX white Base (if you dont know what Base is or what it does dont worry I will do a topic on it very soon!) My HighLight color (right under the eyebrow is by MAC called PHLOOF...The pics below are Meeee lol! Please comment below if ya have any questions! Thanks!

Home Remedy

Did somebody say Vaseline?

April 17, 2011

Ok, so if you was stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring one beauty product.... what would it be? I asked this question via my facebook and Vaseline was the agreeable beauty product that's a must have on a deserted island. So then I figured I will list some great reasons why Vaseline is a MUST have!!!! I'm pretty sure you will see some things you didn't even know Vaseline could do...

Put a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night, cover the with socks when ya wake up your feet will look and feel like a newborn!!

-Vaseline can cure pimple scars because a component of Vaseline helps rehydrate and at the same time stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

-Put a touch of Vaseline on your eyelashes before you go to bed and they say it will make your lashes grow longer and thinker

-You can mix Vaseline with sea salt to make a scrub

-Maintains a perfume sent longer when applied at perfume points before spaying the perfume

-Applying Vaseline on your teeth prevents lips from sticking to teeth (technique used for beauty pageants)

-Use Vaseline with lipstick and make a cream blush


-Vaseline can tame eyebrows that want to go every where but the right way!

-Vaseline can remove make-up stains from clothes

-When you apply Vaseline around the hairline it can protect your skin from harsh chemicals such as hair dye and perming

-Instead of mascara some time you can just add a touch of Vaseline to your eyelashes which will give off a defined glossy look

-Vaseline can remove false eyelash glue

Well anyhoo that's just a few things Vaseline could do for ya and the list really could go on. Please comment below and let me know if you know of any great ideas/uses for Vaseline besides the obvious i.e cures Dry skin

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black opal

Know your skin type?

April 13, 2011

Oily, Dry, or combination skin...Ugh!! They all can be a bit a pain in the butt! Especially for those who have no clue on how to wear the right foundation that will work with they re skin. Well don't worry honey because I'm here to tell you.

If you are not quite sure on what type of skin you have, there is a simple test you can do. Wash your face and gently dry your face with a towel. Next I don't want you to do anything with your face for about a hour and a half. When your time is up, and your face is feeling extremely tight and dry and you so badly want to just dunk your face in a bowl of vasaline then your skin type is DRY. However, if your face has naturally oiled up a lil or a lot all over your face, your skin type is OILY. Lastly if you noticed that some areas are oily yet some areas are dry then you have COMBINATION skin.

Q: What kind of foundation should I use?

A: Well the rules are if you are oily use a powder (Minerlized recommended) foundation. For dry skin use a liquid foundation. You can you both for Combination skin. I recommend Black Opal True Match Liquid Foundation Its lightweight, oil free, hypoallergenic formula contains pure silk powders to help refine pours. Vitamins A & E work to protect skin while Allantoin and Panthenol provide comfort and smoothing benefits. I have combination skin and the true match liquid FD really maintains a great feeling and look for my skin. Another great foundation is for all skin types is Revlon color stay. Which is also a oil free formula. I recommend work with fair skin shades. Both black opal true match and Revlon color stay is a must have in my make up case for me and my clients....so if you ain't know, now ya do! Stay tuned for more informational topics... Thanks for reading! Don't forget to sign up follow my blog if you like what you're reading :-)

April 08, 2011

Quite Cute

April 08, 2011

Its springtime, and the gorgeous flowers will blossom and most importantly....M.A.C has a new spring line out...and honey I cant wait to do a review on it...it just came out today so stay tuned!

Showin off my skillz

April 05, 2011

A really great hair stylist named Danita (www.3dhairdesighns.com) did a photoshoot for her portforlio. She needed a MUA...so heres my work below


April 04, 2011

This is a smokey cut crease with a hint of green bronze

Lavendar fever

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