April 22, 2010

My husband and I took Vincent to the doctors yesterday and he is still doing all the things a 8 month old should be doing....EXCEPT...he is very small for his age. He is below the 5th percentile. Vic and I don't know what this means, so we question the doctor...and she is just giving us general information saying, it could mean that he has a thyroid issue or hormone problem...BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????? We are staying positive...he has a appointment in June to see a endocrinologist. I have Faith that things will be OK. This is just whats going on in my life right about now. The good news is that Vincent is 8 months TODAY...he is crawling, has 2 teeth, trying to talk, imitating us, and eating everything!

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  1. I wouldn't worry about it at this point...does the doctor know that Kanye is/has always been small and that you and Vic are both very small? I think it's just a matter of genetics. The only concern would be a rapid drop in the growth he was in the 50th a few months ago and now he's in the 5th...but he's always been a tiny guy.

  2. yeah, we told her but I guess she just wants to make sure. Kanye was in the 10th percentile so Im pretty sure he is fine...however i have been doing some reaserch just in case.

  3. Monica I agree with Sara B but you are doing the right thing by keeping the Faith. God bless you guys!


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