Toy Gun's...NOT CUTE!

April 28, 2010

A recent news article about a lil boy finding a gun and "accidentally" shooting his sister made me want to blog.

Why are toy guns allowed in a home? Why is it cute to play with toy guns but not ok to play with real guns???? What message are parents sending to kids? I think it is sending the WRONG message!!! I feel that its giving kids a opportunity to LIKE guns. Violence is never ok to play or act out amongst kids. Jus sayin.....


April 22, 2010

My husband and I took Vincent to the doctors yesterday and he is still doing all the things a 8 month old should be doing....EXCEPT...he is very small for his age. He is below the 5th percentile. Vic and I don't know what this means, so we question the doctor...and she is just giving us general information saying, it could mean that he has a thyroid issue or hormone problem...BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????? We are staying positive...he has a appointment in June to see a endocrinologist. I have Faith that things will be OK. This is just whats going on in my life right about now. The good news is that Vincent is 8 months TODAY...he is crawling, has 2 teeth, trying to talk, imitating us, and eating everything!

Know what you are WORTH

April 18, 2010

Confidence, Faith, and GOD...helps us women to be strong. Sometimes we are faced with difficult situations which can make us stressed. Being imperfect we tend to underestimate how strong we are. Remember, Worrying is a nasty hobbit. Faith is what you need. Some situations can scar our heart, but having a scare should not always be a negative thing...let the scare be a reminder that helps you to grow stronger. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WORTH...if you feel that someone is miss treating you then stand up for yourself...whether it is your man, your boss, or whomever they dont deserve to corrupt ur soul...

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