MY SON IS....SIX!!!!

March 17, 2010

HIP HIP HOOORAY!! MY SON IS SIX YEARS OLD AND I CANT BELIEVE HOW TIME IS FLYING!! He is such a wonderful son. He is so loving and really caring of others! I remember when I had him and held him for the first time...he was 5lbs and 11 ounces and 17 tiny. Lord he scared Vic and I cus he did not want to they had to give us a special nipple and he ate a little. Till this day he still does not have a big appetite.

Everyone who knows him, knows he can say the funniest thing out his mouth...I remember when he was 3 and he told me "mommy, you dont make any sense and its a shame" because I kept loosing my Key...LOL! well he was right! hahahaaugh! One day we were walking to the playground and Kanye saw a pretty girl and he says " Mmmm MMMM that girl sure is pretty!" he was about to turn 4 then. A shocking moment for me was when I asked him about school and he told Vic and I that some girl in his class was SEXY! lol!! Don't worry Vic and I had a long talk with him lol!

Well I could go on, and on about Kanye. He is my love and always will be! He is some pic's to take u down memory lane...

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