You Never Know Who Is WATCHING YOU!

December 09, 2009

Speaking from someone who has had not 1, not 2, but #3 stalkers. I wanted to take this time to reflect on it and school ya a bit.

Ladies PLEASE know your surroundings. If you catch the bus or train take a few seconds to just look at everyone around you. Sometimes we are so busy on our cellphones, facebooking, and ect that we just hop on the bus/train and have no clue of who is around us and if they are consistently around us. Also, switch up your routine every now and then. Having the same routine every day makes it easy for a stalker.

My first stalker saw me at a Metro station that I was going to every Morning. He asked me some random questions that i thought nothing off. (Stalkers will try to get as much information from you as possible, they are acting as if its just small talk. i.e. "Hi, Wow its cold out here today....Do you live near here....I work near _______ and what do you do for a living" oh yeah in what area?) Make a long story short the guy starting sitting by me everyday although there were chairs elsewhere and I would not make conversation with him. Plus he would stare and he just creeped me out. Strangely he would be at the Metro station every time I arrived...Some days i would be late and some days the bus would be late and still he always was there waiting and he would get on with me every time. If I would get off the train to get on another to avoid him...he would do the same. ugh so frustrating and scary. Next thing I know this guy is coming to my bus stop near my house every morning and all this was just scary. Thank God my Family and Friends helped me out in that situation. The law got involved and I hardly saw him again.

My 2nd Stalker would park in the middle of the street right in front of my Apartment. While I would walk to the bus the would drive right beside me in the same speed I walked. Eeeeeeek!! ugh this went on for Months. My husband would walk with me, I called the Police every time and we even took pictures of his car and he still came every morning. When the police arrived, it was just too late as he had already left. I moved to another Apartment and changed my routine up and has not seen him since.

Here are some tips on what to do if you are in that same situation:
1.Documentation is one of the most important aspects of stalking threat management.

2.Before implementing any interventions, it is very important to have an experienced threat management team perform a risk assessment. Each stalking situation is different. It should be noted that sometimes, when a stalker is met with resistance, he or she may actually escalate the stalking behaviors.


-Do not overlook the signs of unwanted attention.

-Heed internal "red flags" (i.e., Intuition) alerting you to danger.

-Harassment/stalking often begin as minor annoying encounters, be
attentive to early warning signs prior to the escalation of the stalking.


-Although "Letting someone down easy" may seem conscientious, it can
inadvertently provide a "mixed message". Give a firm and definite
"No", to communicate that you are not interested in a relationship of
any kind.

-When receiving unwanted attention, you shouldn't respond at all. If it
is too late or unavoidable, don't use statements that can be


-Any suspicious activities should be reported to the police.

-Threats (from minor or vague to severe or specific) should be treated
seriously and immediately reported to the law enforcement.

If you aint know, Now you be careful please!!!!!

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