December 03, 2009

I love da Wendy Williams Show! She is so Fun! Who Knew???? She has a segment in the begining of the show called "Hot Topic" and it feels like you are talking to one of your homegirls from around da way. Trust me you will be satisfied cuase she give up the juicy!!! Then during the end she does a segment called "Ask Wendy" and to my surprise she gives sum good advice...For all those you say they cant stand her big mouth, give her a chance she will grow on you. Well if you aint know, now u do...so WATCH IT!!

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  1. You know....in some weird way I actually like Wendy....It's one of those guilty pleasures where you don't wanna watch but you still do.lol. I used to like her radio show but I do like that she toned down her mouth a bit for the radio show. HOW U DOING!!!!

  2. lmao!! So true and Thanks for folowing my blog.

  3. Okay so what time does she come on? I will watch her this week for sure!!

  4. The loud mouth Fun lovin Diva Wendy Williams comes on at 12:00pm on Fox and at 12:00am on BET oh and 8:00am on BET. Enjoy!!!!!


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