November 30, 2009

Ok everyone has DREAMS. Sometime in a Adult world I tend to forget what my dreams are...My DREAM is to be in BROADWAY...lights, camera, action, and siiiiiiing!!! la la laaaaa!! lol! Are dreams realistic? Will i allow my self to achieve this dream? these are questions I ask my self all the time. I wish it was easy, like ABC! Well anyhoo I am going to plan a trip to NY and maybe that would inspire me to stop lallygagging on who and what i wanna be and do!!! Every time I daydream the notion of me being on stage acting and singing I get chills the good chills as in this is what i wanna do SO BAD!!!!!!!

I'm going to NY soon, stay tuned........

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  1. Nice site Monica. I say go for it... you only live once :)


  2. Nothing worth doing is easy, if it were, we wouldn't want it. It's easy to talk ourselves out of things, hold ourselves back, and listen to all the negative voices of other people who wish they'd had the nerve to try, but we each have rare and beautiful gifts to give to the world, and we owe it to ourselves and others to do so. I know I sound cheesy, but I mean this, and as stated above, you only live once. Make sure it's 100% and no regrets.

  3. Thank you Precious and James.

    I really needed to here that!!!!

  4. You have a nice page Monica; keep up the great work!
    love you
    cousin Charmaine


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