November 30, 2009

Ok everyone has DREAMS. Sometime in a Adult world I tend to forget what my dreams are...My DREAM is to be in BROADWAY...lights, camera, action, and siiiiiiing!!! la la laaaaa!! lol! Are dreams realistic? Will i allow my self to achieve this dream? these are questions I ask my self all the time. I wish it was easy, like ABC! Well anyhoo I am going to plan a trip to NY and maybe that would inspire me to stop lallygagging on who and what i wanna be and do!!! Every time I daydream the notion of me being on stage acting and singing I get chills the good chills as in this is what i wanna do SO BAD!!!!!!!

I'm going to NY soon, stay tuned........

My lovely Sons

November 29, 2009

Kany'e is 5 and Vincent is 3 months. The are so special to me and give me great joy! I never thought i would have 2 boys or 2 kids for that fact but I enjoy being a MOMMY! To my surprise Kany'e is not jealous of his lil Bro, he loves Vincent to pieces....Sometimes he refers to Vincent as his Son...LOL!

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