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Karity: Quality shouldn't break the bank

May 01, 2017

If my eyelids could talk they would be saying "Hallelujah"! Thanks to Karity's 21 shadow in matte I've been getting my LIFE daily! They are all so rich in pigment and blend effortlessly.  But wait, the Karity palette was only $28.00; shocking right? 

 After a trip to a beauty counter at the local mall, Karity's creator was frustrated by the extremely high price point on a good quality eye pencil his wife had requested. This is how Karity was born.

Look how pigmented the shadows are! 

Had fun with this look!

More awesome information about Karity

Karity = Cruelty Free 
Karity is proud to be part of PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies" program,  

Vegan Status (No Animal Ingredients or Byproducts)
Although their entire line is not vegan many of the products are, please have a look at each product you are interested in, if that specific product is vegan you will see the vegan logo next to it.


New Fragrances for SPRING 2017

March 21, 2017

These new fragrances got me feeling all types of HAPPY!

Black and White… Good Girl, Bad Girl. Good Girl is a sensual, evocative fragrance born of the beautiful contradictions and the ever-present duality of modern women and modern life. Both freshly light and moodily dark, this innovative fragrance captures a woman's wondrous complexity with surprising and exceptional ingredients. The sweet, alluring qualities of jasmine give Good Girl its brightness and femininity. The darker side of Good Girl is created with richly fragrant cocoa and intoxicating tonka. Almond and coffee bring Good Girl its immediate vibrancy. Tuberose, extracted in a new way that creates a rich delicacy, is the fragrance's wild card, bringing fluidity and femininity. Good Girl exemplifies the effortless elegance and wit of the House of Herrera. Rarely do fragrance bottles make the potent emotional statement that the ground-breaking Good Girl bottle does. A glass flaçon of a very high-heeled shoe, it speaks as eloquently of the power of modern femininity and a woman's dual nature as the fragrance itself. Made of sleek, smoky midnight blue glass, the Good Girl stiletto bottle stands on the tallest, thinnest gold-tone heel. An unexpected, highly innovative fragrance in a bottle as memorable and emotionally engaging as the fragrance itself, Good Girl captures the spirit and imagination of a modern powerful woman.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Don't Tell Jasmine, $245
The seemingly effortless seduction of jasmine…a direct emotional connection to the senses. Enhanced with lemon, kir and petal musk.

Sisley Paris Izia, $100
Izia is a fragrance built around a Rose with a unique scent. This rose, like a rendez-vous, only blooms for a short time once a year. The heart of a modern and multi-faceted new fragrance. Imbued with radiant and sophisticated top notes, Izia seduces with its airy, floral heart and the warmth of a woody base softened with musks.

MIU MIU L'eau Bleue $90
A lighter, airier version of the original lily of the valley-centric Miu Miu scent—this time housed in a transparent blue bottle.

Skin Care

Quick Beauty Tip

March 03, 2017

You, me and everyone I know does NOT have time for a zit! So let's get straight to the quick beauty tip.  You can make an unwanted zit less noticeable instantly with an ice cube. Just place a cube on the pimple for 30 - 60 seconds, then hold a tissue dampened with eye drops or contact cleaner over it for about 3 minutes.  This causes the blood vessels below your skin to contract making a pimple less red and easing some irritation.


Coconut Oil

February 22, 2017

Yes, I know... you are not living in a bubble and you are already aware of the beauty benefits of coconut oil, but hey just in case you missed a few things or happen to be in a bubble. 
(no judging lol!) 

Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products, and for good reason: It's naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Plus coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, and yes it's exactly what I use to moisturize. Well anyhoo, here are a few other tips... 


Coconut oil is an incredibly intensive natural conditioner- Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours before washing out with several rounds of shampoo


Add a few drops of coconut oil and apply on the face; use as a spot treatment overnight. Remember coconut oil is an antibacterial. 


Apply a large amount of coconut oil on the entire feet and wear socks.  Let the oil work overnight


Add a few drops of tea tree oil to pre-warmed coconut oil and massage in the hair 


Rub coconut oil all over the face and remove all of your makeup with a with a napkin. Your makeup with slide off like butter


Mix coconut oil with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub (use in the shower)


Coconut can help lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin


Rub on cuticles to help nails grow

As always, I hope this helps! :-) 

Did you Know?

Bobbi Brown to Step Down from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

February 14, 2017

After 25 incredible years with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown is leaving the brand to explore the next phase of her extraordinary career. The Estée Lauder Companies is grateful for and proud of the transformative role Bobbi has played at the brand, at the Company, and within global prestige beauty.

“The brand’s 25-year anniversary was a wonderful milestone that made me realize it was time to start a new chapter and move on to new ventures,” said Bobbi Brown. “I am thankful for the extraordinary people that I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years and proud of the creative endeavors and innovative products we’ve created together. I am also incredibly grateful to The Estée Lauder Companies and the Lauder family for the many opportunities they gave me. I’m excited to see what the future holds.”
More than two decades ago, we met an extremely creative makeup artist with a revolutionary idea that changed the way women feel about beauty. That idea grew into a highly successful, global beauty brand. Bobbi will always be part of our Estée Lauder Companies family and we wish her the very best in the future.“Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is an incredible testament to Bobbi Brown the woman,” said William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies. “More than two decades ago, we met an extremely creative makeup artist with a revolutionary idea that changed the way women feel about beauty. That idea grew into a highly successful, global beauty brand. Bobbi will always be part of our Estée Lauder Companies family and we wish her the very best in the future.“The Company is so proud of our incredible collaboration with Bobbi, since we acquired the brand in 1995. We extend our warmest wishes to her as she enters a new and exciting phase of her career,” said Fabrizio Freda, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies. “Our Company was founded by an entrepreneurial woman, Mrs. Estée Lauder, and it is in our roots to be a welcome home for entrepreneurs. The success of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics demonstrates that commitment. Today the brand is sold in over 70 countries and is a top makeup artist brand founded by a woman. It’s a global prestige cosmetics powerhouse, with a highly promising future, poised for its next chapter of growth.”

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will continue to capitalize on the growth momentum in the prestige makeup category, building on the strong legacy Bobbi created. The brand’s philosophy of “Be Who You Are” is more relevant today than ever before and the brand will laser focus on connecting, teaching and empowering women globally. Fueled by makeup artistry, engaging and impactful social media and some of the most beloved beauty products in the world, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is poised to achieve its full growth potential in this dynamic environment.



February 12, 2017

Duh, when you wash your hair you just simply use warm/hot water right? Mmmmn... It depends.

Using Hot water: Hot water opens your pores in the hair root, which of course makes it easier to remove the oil and dirt from the scalp. Oily scalp=Hot water! But sadly it can leave your hair excessively porous. If the hair is too porous, then there are chances that the hair will become dry and brittle. Now although the hot water will clean the hair roots thoroughly, it will also rip off the oil from the hair roots. 

But wait... 

Using Cold water: By washing hair with cold water, your color won't fade and your leave-in conditioner (Co-Washing) will actually be left in, which means smoother hair. Plus, the hair cuticles will be closed, which will reduce the accumulation of the dirt and sweat in the scalp. Thereby the damage to the hair will also be reduced. It will make the hair smooth and shiny. Cold water will also improve the blood circulation to the scalp: Blood circulates faster when your scalp is cold.

How do I wash my hair? Well, I just use warm water, almost cool and every now and then I use HOT water to get rid of product build up. I've noticed that the conditioner is most effective when I wash with warm/cool water. 

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